Sunday, July 11, 2010


In the beginning,

Lucifer and his angels came to earth.

He was given the power to dominate the world and establish his kingdom in the earth.

Once in the earth, Lucifer created the "Illuminati", one of the most powerful and secret society in the planet.

Illuminati consist in recruit the world's best talent to destroy the "prophecy" cretaed by GOD.

Lucifer did multiply himself in form of many gods.

He created many religions.

He even penetrated in Christian church.

Lucifer in Bible is known as "daily star", "satan","evil".

Once in the earth he changed all these names to: Ra "Sun God", "Apollo", "The Enlightment",etc.

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  1. Ok, I just finished reading Part 1, but it doesn't tell me much, sorry to say. Anyone can make these statements. Yes you raise questions, Is Barack Obama the anti christ" well is he? Yes we can spelt backwards nacewsey, doesn't say much. What secret message? I was told to read illuminati, but from what I read, there is nothing substantially concrete here. Please enlighten me!